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Search Engine Optimization
A great website is virtually worthless if no one can find it. This is why "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) is critical in giving you good "page rank" and top placement in the search engine result pages.

An initial analysis and search engine report is made prior to any optimization. Several steps are then taken to optimize your content in such a way that is "Search Engine Friendly". This includes optimization of your your Meta Tags, Page Titles, Page Heading, Alt Image Tags, Link Text, and Page Body Text.

Another evaluation is performed and additional adjustment are implemented where needed throughout the website. There are several more critical improvements made that have a direct impact on search engine result page placement that I cannot mention here for professional reasons.

After optimization of your pages, my SEO includes submittal to all of the top search engines. A 30 day intense analysis is performed to monitor results. More optimization is performed and then another search engine submittal process is performed.

A final analysis and extensive search engine report is made 30 days after the 2nd submittal to show the overall improvements.

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