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Celebrating 18 years of quality website design and computer repair services.

IcyColors History

John Anning, Master CIW
John Anning, Master CIW
IcyColors was established and registered with the state of Illinois on April 23, 2002. IcyColors was conceived and developed for the purpose of offering professional website design at a reasonable price for any company, ministry, or individual interested in making their presence known on the Internet. IcyColors is a full time, freelance, home-based business, located in Dixon, Illinois. I also provide computer consulting and repair servicies for the local Sauk Valley area of Dixon, Sterling, and Rock Falls, Illinois.

Website Design and Development Training

My formal education, training, and certifications are the result of the excellent facilities and staff at a "New Horizons Computer Learning Center®" as well as the painstaking hours of hard work, research and curious exploration throughout the years. I am continually expanding my knowledge and experience of website design and development as technology moves ahead.


I currently hold three certifications; "A+", "i-Net+" and "Master Designer". The prerequisite for obtaining the "CIW Master Designer" certification was completing training for "Foundations", "i-Net+", "Site Designer", and "e-Commerce", and passing exams for each, administered by an authorized CompTIA / Prometric testing center.
Goal and Desire


My goal and desire is to offer professional, high-quality, visually appealing, fast loading websites at an affordable price, that are easy to navigate, search engine friendly, and comply with current W3C HTML, XML, and CSS coding standards for cross-browser operability.

I take great pride in the website design work that I develop for my clients. The "pre-made, cookie-cutter template" approach significantly compromises the flexibility and quality of the final product and does nothing for the personal needs of a client, so I do not use them. All of my website designs are created from scratch to specifically accommodate the needs of my clients. This allows the greatest flexibility in creating a website that is highly functional for the needs of my clients, visually appealing, and also easy to navigate.

I work closely with my clients, paying attention to details that will make the final website product truly customized and functional specific to my client's needs.

My website development services have been ongoing since 2002, and I have created many websites since then. Various examples of my website design can be viewed from the "Portfolio" page. Contact me to discuss a website for your home or business or fill out my no cost, no obligation Website Design Quote.

Computer Consulting

Computer Repair
Virus & Spyware Removal
Software / OS Optimization

I hold the following

Master CIW Designer
A+ Certified
i-Net+ Certified