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Dayton Hamvention 2006 Photos


This was my 3rd visit to Dayton. Karen and I again had a wonderful time meeting some new folks!

Hara Arena 2006
This year was beautiful outside
Inside Hara Arena
My first stop was at the Kenwood display inside Hara Arena.
Leo Fahmie of Kenwood
I talked with Leo Fahmie (KJ6MI) of Kenwood about future HF rigs.
IBob Heil - Then and Now
Next stop, "Audio Alley" where Heil Sound and W2IHY are located.
Young Bob on screen and looking good in real-time
Heil Sound Microphone Display
The Heil Microphone display was awesome!
Bob Heil
Bob working and explaining his microphone!
Karen Anning (N9TNP) and Sarah Heil
Karen Anning (N9TNP) and Sarah Heil having some fun.
Karen Anning (N9TNP) and Bob Heil (K9EID)
NU9N K9EID and
John (NU9N), Bob (K9EID) and Mark Jensen of Studio 1A Productions
W2IHY - Julius Jones
Julius Jones (W2IHY) working the other side of "Audio Alley"
Mike - N8WFF
Mike Dishop ( N8WFF ) of "Dishtronix"
displaying his "Prometheus" Solid-State amplifier.
The "Prometheus" guts... Impressive!!!
Mike - NU4Q and Greg - WB9DNZ
I ran into Mike (NU4Q) and Greg (WB9DNZ)
W0WD - Joe
Joe (W0WD) hanging out at the "Flex" booth
3840 Group - Jim (K8JU), John (NU9N), Paul (KU8R), Jack (WB8BFS), Bill (W8CWD), David (N8FKN)
Outside were some of the "3840 Group"
Jim (K8JU), John (NU9N), Paul (KU8R)
Jack (WB8BFS), Bill (W8CWD), David (N8FKN)
Hy Tech Gear
"Hy Tech Gear" had an impressive display of audiophile equipment
John M. Anning - NU9N
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